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Iguazu Blue ceramic mate gourd set

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HANDMADE STONEWARE - The Yerba Crew Handmade starter kit comes with 1 Iguazu Blue handmade stoneware ceramic gourd, 1 Stainless steel bombilla, 1 Cleaning brush, 1 complimentary gourd sleeve, and maybe some extra goodies

A UNIQUE COLLAB - Each handmade mate gourd is unique due to the production style of our collaborator Ildikó Károlyi. We use the design as a guideline but allow for a 15% difference in styling between each cup to allow for the cups to form naturally as they are being turned and shaped. 

THE IGUAZU BLUE NAME - This beautiful handmade stoneware yerba mate gourd resembles the waterfalls of Iguazu. Regarded by many as the most beautiful waterfall in the world.


THE YERBA CREW IGUAZU BLUE YERBA MATE GOURD - Handmade stoneware mate. Drink from something pulled from the earth, shaped by human hands, filled with the “Drink of the Gods”, yerba mate. The volume of each gourd will vary from 9 to 11 oz (267ml - 325ml)

THE YERBA CREW SILVER BOMBILLA - Made from stainless steel and 6.1 in (155mm) in length working perfectly with the size of the Yerba Crew gourd

THE YERBA CREW BOMBILLA CLEANER - Made from stainless steel and 7 in (178mm) in length with nylon bristles can be used to clean deep inside your bombilla when you do your periodic bombilla cleaning

GOURD SLEEVE - If you use your gourd for hot tea that requires boiling water, you can slide this sleeve onto your gourd before you pour in the hot water. This cotton sleeve can keep your hands cool from the heat of the gourd


WILL MY GOURD LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE? - Quick answer is “mostly”. We aim to keep the gourds about 85% consistent with the design but the handmade nature of the production allows for color and shape variations. Each cup is unique and one of a kind

DOES THE GOURD GET HOT? - Quick answer is “it depends”. When drinking yerba mate, the gourd is perfectly fine to handle with your hands because the majority of the cup is filled with yerba leaves and the temp of the water is between 160 - 180°F. When drinking standard teal with boiling water above 180°F, the gourd will heat up so you should use the provided sleeve or allow time for the gourd and water to cool down to a handling temperature.

ARE THESE FOOD SAFE? - Quick answer is “Yes”. The combination of using commercial grade clay and extremely high temperatures (2255°F / 1235°C) produces a food safe product. The high firing temperature seals the clay and makes it non-porous and impervious to water absorption.

WILL IT BREAK IF I DROP IT?- Quick answer is “probably”. These stoneware mates are strong but they are still made of clay and will most likely chip, crack, or break if dropped more than a few feet from the ground.

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Care Guide

HAND WASH- For long term usage, it is best to hand wash ceramic mates. Machine washing will not destroy the mates but it may cause the colors to fade over time.

TRY NOT TO DROP - These stoneware mates are strong but they are still made of clay and will most likely chip, crack, or break if dropped more than a few feet from the ground.

A collab with Ildikó Károlyi