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Ways to Earn

Sign up and Earn

Earn 500 points just for creating an account.

Buy and Earn

Earn 5 points for every $1 spent.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and you both earn $10 toward your next order.

Follow and Earn

Follow us on Instagram @yerbacrew and earn 100 points

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Rewards FAQs

Yep! Completely free. You get discounts just for ordering and we get to build a loyal community. It's a win-win program!

Create a free account hereon yerbacrew.com and earn your first 200 points right away.

Open the rewards panel and convert your points into a discount code. You can then enter the discount code into the checkout screen to use your discount.

No, you earn points automatically with every order placed even if you haven't created an account. However to convert the points to a discount code, you will need to create an account. You also need an account to use the Refer a Friend option.

Open the Rewards panel and sign in. Copy the referral link in the "Refer a friend" section and send the link to your friend. The friend needs to click that link, sign up, and create an order. Once the order is created, you (as the referrer) will earn the $10 reward.

You can use your reward points for any products on the yerbacrew.com site. This includes mate gourds, yerba mate bundles, yerba mate, bombillas, and accessories.