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Culpeo Zorro wooden yerba mate set

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WHAT’S INSIDE- The Yerba Crew Culpeo Zorro starter set comes with 1 Culpeo Zorro handmade anchico wood mate gourd, 1 Stainless steel silver bombilla, 1 Cleaning brush, a Quick Start Guide and maybe some extra goodies.

ANCHICO WOOD AND SHAPE - This mate is made from the Anchico tree which grows in Northern Argentina. The Anchico wood has a beautiful reddish brown color and weight to it making it look and feel great in your hand.

THE “CULPEO ZORRO” NAME - The Culpeo Zorro is a fox-like animal who roams the Patagonia region of South America. The beautiful reddish brown coat and waves in the fur resemble the color and waves of this unique anchico wooden mate. Each mate cup has 4 metal symbols embedded in it representing the Southern Cross each Argentine and native species has seen at some point during a lifetime.

HANDMADE IN ARGENTINA - The mate gourd is handmade in Argentina and has curves shaped by someone like you and I to perfectly fit the hand of someone like you and I. 


THE CULPEO ZORRO WOODEN GOURD - The gourd is about 3 ½ in wide and 4 in high. It weighs in at 7.5oz and has a volume of around 6oz. The key material is Anchico wood with a light reddish brown exterior. The mate contains 4 metallic symbols on the exterior representing the shape of the Southern Cross constellation. See the Care Guide tab for curing and maintenance instructions for the mate.

THE YERBA CREW SILVER BOMBILLA - Made from stainless steel and 6.1 in (155mm) in length working perfectly with the size of the Yerba Crew gourd

THE YERBA CREW BOMBILLA CLEANER - Made from stainless steel and 7 in (178mm) in length with nylon bristles can be used to clean deep inside your bombilla when you do your periodic bombilla cleaning


WILL MY GOURD LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE? - Quick answer is “mostly”. We aim to keep the gourds about 85% consistent with the design but the handmade nature of the production allows for color and shape variations. Each gourd is unique and one of a kind.

Care Guide

HOW DO I CURE THE WOODEN GOURD? - We recommend filling the gourd with used yerba mate and letting it sit for 24 hours to create a proper seal. Alternatives are to rub whisky on the inside of the gourd and let it sit for 24 hours. After this 24 hours, you’re ready to go

HOW DO I MAINTAIN THE GOURD? - To maintain your wooden mate, try not to leave yerba in the mate once you finish drinking from it. Gently wash the mate and dry it after each use. Let it dry with the opening facing up to allow for good airflow. Do not leave it soaking in water to avoid splitting and mildew. After multiple uses, feel free to rub mineral oil on the exterior and let it sit for about 3 hours. Remove the excess oil after by gently wiping it down with cloth or a paper towel. Your mate will have a nice renewed shine.

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Handmade in Argentina