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    The Best Yerba Mate Out There

    If you see a * next to a yerba name it means it's a Yerba Crew Founder Favorite

    A Yerba Crew favorite

    Playadito is another yerba in my usual rotation and transports me back to working in Argentina where it was an office staple

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    A Yerba crew favorite

    This is a personal favorite and a great starter yerba for people that want to start with a less bitter tasting yerba brand.

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    Cruz De Malta*

    Organic and Subtle

    Organic, great tasting, and produced by a small family business in Argentina.

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    Anna Park

    Classy and Clean

    The packaging always makes me feel fancy ;) I also enjoy the taste and La Merced is definitely in my top 5 favorite yerba mate brands.

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    La Merced*

    A must have for every futbol player

    The yerba is cut very fine in the Uruguayan style. Great tasting but be prepared to use the Uruguayan and Brazilian prep method.

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    Bold and Great flavor

    Rosamonte is one of the top yerba mate brands around the world. Strong flavors to kickstart your mateada session

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    Household staple

    The great taste makes Nobleza Gaucha very popular among Yerba enthusiasts.

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    Nobleza Gaucha

    Traditional feel

    I bought this for the 1st time in Iguazu Argentina and felt like I was doing something illegal when I packed it in my suitcase for my trip to the US.

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    great for beginners

    Start your Yerba world with canned yerba and move on to loose tea when you're ready

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    On every argentine shelf

    This yerba mate used to be part of my regular yerba mate rotation in Argentina and highly recommended

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    Variety of Blends

    I recommend CBSe to new yerba drinkers since they can choose from different blends like herbs, orange, and many other flavors.

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    Smooth and Fresh

    Amanda is reliable for its smooth and fresh taste. It's also very popular in Argentina.

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