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    Condor Black gourd and Anna Park 500g yerba mate bundle

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    YERBA MATE BUNDLE - This Yerba Crew bundle includes 500g of Anna Park yerba mate along with 1 Condor Black stainless steel gourd, 1 BPA free lid, 1 Stainless steel bombilla, 1 Cleaning brush, and 1 Complimentary Mate preparation quick start guide.

    STAYS HOT, STAYS COLD- Drink your hot mate or make yourself some cold tereré on hot summer days with the support of the double walled vacuum technology and thermal copper lining. The temperature stays in your cup and not against your hands.

    ANNA PARK YERBA MATE - A favorite among many people that are looking for an organic and great tasting yerba mate.


    THE YERBA CREW CONDOR BLACK GOURD - 8oz (237ml) volume and made from Copper thermal lined Stainless Steel to keep your contents at the temperature you want without feeling it in your hands

    THE BPA FREE LID - Fits securely into your cup to minimize the loss of temperature and to allow you to take your drink on the go

    THE YERBA CREW SILVER BOMBILLA - Made from stainless steel and 6.1 in (155mm) in length working perfectly with the size of the Yerba Crew gourd

    THE YERBA CREW BOMBILLA CLEANER - Made from stainless steel and 7 in (178mm) in length with nylon bristles can be used to clean deep inside your bombilla when you do your periodic bombilla cleaning

    THE YERBA CREW QUICK PREP GUIDE - For those first few yerba mate prep sessions, use this card to remember the prep sequence, water temperature, amount of yerba to be used to ensure you get the best Yerba Mate experience

    ANNA PARK YERBA MATE - Certified organic, unsmoked, and aged up to 18 months. This patience and care can be tasted with every sip. 


    Is the mate dishwasher safe? - Yes, the mate cup is dishwasher safe, although a quick rinse in the sink is all that's needed.

    Does the mate fit in a cup holder? Yes the mate fits in standard car cup holders. Ready for your adventure.

    Care Guide

    Cleaning the mate - The stainless steel makes the mate very simple to maintain. Just give it a rinse under the sink or put it in the dishwasher to clean

    Cleaning the Bombilla - The easiest method is to hold the bombilla upside down under the faucet so the water runs through the filter and out the mouth opening. This will clear out any debris.

    Cleaning the Lid - Give the lid a quick rinse under the sink for a quick cleaning.

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