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  • Yerba Mate or Matcha. What's the Difference?

    Yerba mate matcha differences  matcha yerba mate compare


    Overall, we're comparing two excellent drinks that are among the top tea/infusions that can be consumed. This chart should help clarify some of the basic differences. The health benefits for both are astounding. 

    Topic Yerba Mate Matcha
    Origin Region South American rainforests specifically in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay Originated in China but prevailed in Japan
    Type of Plant Yerba Mate, a type of Holly plant Camellia sinensis, the base of all green tea
    How to Drink As a loose leaf, typically in a gourd or cup using a bombilla (a metal straw with built in strainer). You will pour about 1-2 oz of water in at a time and drink. As a ground leaf. Typically the ground leaves are poured into a bowl and hot water is poured over them. The mixture is the whisked to a frothy consistency
    Flavor Great :) but typically it is said to have a more bitter taste for first time drinkers Good ;) but typically it is said to have a stronger grassy taste for first time drinkers
    Caffeine levels 95 mg per 8 oz 85 mg per 8 oz

      How should I decide which to drink?

    I recommend trying both for a week each. I have found that after trying a new drink for about 3 days, I start to gravitate further towards it or away from it. You'll naturally find the tea/infusion winner based on your routine, personal taste preferences, and access to the ingredients. Of course you could always drink both.

    Here at Yerba Crew, we can get you started on your Yerba mate journey. Either order the mate gourd and yerba mate combo you prefer or just get started with the starter combo kit for a discount.